Fetish info

         In form of booking  for the first time, be sure to announce which meeting  format iswishful to you from the  next 3 :


1) Strict:


         We discuss the taboos and practices before the meeting.  In a real meeting, obedience and submission from the threshold without the right to vote until the end of the session if I myself do not ask about something.


         All discussions and feedback - after. From the beginning to the end you are a slave and only a slave. And you are leaving me a slave, without crossing this line.


2) Medium:


         Communication, acquaintance and conversation, but with observance of thematic subordination. During communication, the appeal to me exclusively on "Miss Lagerta", you sit at my feet and your place is there. However, everything goes smoothly and unperturbed and communication is alternated by one or another practitioner.


3) Light Fetish


         You are not the slave, but you want something new, but submission and discipline are not yours. In this case, you will be my sweet toy, but know - I can only touch you, do not forget it, otherwise your hands will be caught behind your back until the end of the session.


         To tease, to excite and seduce is what I like most of all. Squeeze your barrel in the cam,

blindfolded you, and whisper obscenity in your ear. Is this rudeness, vulgarity and humiliation? You will do everything that I say, not because I force you hard, but because you can`t and don`t want to deny your sweet seductress.






         Etiquette and decorum are extremely important for me. Be polite and courteous and do not waste  my valuable time and not expect phone domination or lengthy chats outlining session scenarios. Be open and honest about your interests in order for me to assess compatibility. Equally do not be simpering – at this stage you have not been invited to meet the Mistress and so do not make any assumptions. 


      Do not make an appointment unless you can definitely attend and are serious about doing so. Once an appointment has been made you will be required to contact me on the morning of the session between 9am and 10am by phone to confirm. If you do not do this your appointment will be cancelled. Alternatively if you have to cancel the appointment do so at your earliest convenience and the session may then be rescheduled. Time wasters are not tolerated in any manner!


       I requires discretion and confidentiality regarding my location. It also goes without saying that anything said or undertaken during your visit remains strictly with both parties. If you are granted an appointment you must ensure that you arrive discreetly and on time – do not be early or for that matter late!