Intelligent domination for intelligent people

    Ah, this alluring and unexplored world of female power!     And how difficult it is sometimes to find your guide.    Well, you're on the right way.


    It will be exciting with me, sometimes unexpectedly sharp, but the most important thing is that you will be completely confident in your safety and, having experienced a bright range of sensations, you will be able to dive into the desired catharsis.

   All the details about the services provided by me, the taboos and the rules you find on my website  \"\", I do not have time to engage in a long dialogue,so take the time to read what I wrote for our meeting and write your wishes for our first meeting by SMS, mail or booking request on my website , I do not answer calls without prior reservation via my website.

I do not provide sexservise, everything about my practices and interests in BDSM you`ll find on my web, on page  I`m enjoy seeing people of all age ranges and experience levels and will consider courteous applications from sincere and discerning submissives, masochists and fetishists whether you are a complete beginner or have many years experience.     

   I am domineering Mistress, and I do it above all for my interest and my pleasure, and I have the right to refuse.




  The donations are for my time and companionship only and they are not negotiable.    

   Do not make an appointment unless you can definitely attend and are serious about doing so.

  Once an appointment has been made you will be required to contact me on the morning of the session between 9am and 10am by phone to confirm. If you do not do this your appointment will be cancelled.

   Alternatively if you have to cancel the appointment do so at your earliest convenience and the session may then be rescheduled.

   Time wasters are not tolerated in any manner!

    I requires discretion and confidentiality regarding my location. It also goes without saying that anything said or undertaken during your visit remains strictly with both parties.

   If you are granted an appointment you must ensure that you arrive discreetly and on time – do not be early or for that matter late!